Sunday, 2 November 2014

Benjamin Shaw puts together a video for Uncle Rico's "Room"

Just a wee note to let you know that my man Benjamin Shaw has put together a nice video for this gorgeous new song by Uncle Rico, taken from the upcoming album "The Father, The Son & The Broken Dream" - which you can pre-order on Bandcamp here.

Like all Uncle Rico's previous work (Me and the Horse I Rode In On / Early To Bed), it's a pretty special album, which I think you'll enjoy.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Five Long Years of Audio Antihero (Free Compilation) / Halloween Spectacular


Firstly. Audio Antihero is five years old, thank you for everything. Download a free compilation by the name of "Five Long Years" and get some lovely discounts on the back catalogue and new releases using the code "fuckthisshit" -

Secondly, it's October. Halloween is nearly here - so I made this. I think it's pretty good. Stream and download within.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

ALBUM LAUNCH: Benjamin Shaw's "Goodbye, Cagoule World" launched at Servant Jazz Quarters with Supper from Jack Hayter and Superman Revenge Squad (29.04.2014)

I'm overcoming my phobia of booking scary live events for one night only...this month I'm glad to invite you suckers to attend the Album Launch for Benjamin Shaw's "Goodbye, Cagoule World" album, April 29th at Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston, London.

Support from Jack Hayter and Superman Revenge Squad + DJ. Co-promoted with our buddies The Popside.

Event Info:


Do come along. See the sights. Make us feel like less of a massive failure.

Pre-Order "Goodbye, Cagoule World": Bandcamp / iTunes / Amazon

Friday, 3 January 2014

Audio Antihero's most enjoyed records of 2013 ("Best of the Year")

Hello friends,

Happy New Year. I nearly didn't do this because it's obviously not that important but if you're curious, it's here. This isn't really a "Best Albums of 2013" list as I didn't hear a whole lot of the albums that everybody is going crazy over - this is just a list of albums/EPs that I really really enjoyed this year. If you missed any of them then I recommend them, if you didn't miss any of them then maybe we should hang out? A/S/L?

Selections are in no particular order. And I haven't sneakily snuck Audio Antihero artists (past or present) in like I wanted to.

Los Campesinos! - NO BLUES (Turnstile)

Hop Along - Get Disowned (Big Scary Monsters)

Stagecoach - Say Hi To The Band (Alcopop!)

TunaBunny - Genius Fatigue (HHBTM Records)

 Various ArtistsPsychemagik Presents "Magik Sunrise" (Leng)

Alice BomanSkisser (Adrian Recordings)

Various ArtistsSong, By Toad Split Volume 2 / Beer Vs Records (Song, By Toad)

Sky LarkinMotto (Wichita)

Crash of Rhinos - Knots (Big Scary Monsters)

David Hess - The Last House On The Left [Re-Issue] (One Way Static)

Jetplane Landing - Don't Try (Small Town America)

Papernut Cambridge - Cambridge Nutflake (Gare du Nord)

Daft PunkRandom Access Memories (Columbia)

Mason Clinic - Prisoners (Bombshop)

Olympians - Adventure Gun (Barely Regal)

Gary Numan - Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) [Mortal Records]

The Bordellos - Ronco Revival Sound (Daddy Tank)

David Lynch - The Big Dream (Sunday Best)

Galoshins - EP1 & EP2 (Armellodie)

Jon HopkinsImmunity (Domino)

Givan Lötz - SNARLING (Other Electricities)  
Marblemouth - Melodramas (Self Released)

Frog - Frog (Monkfish Records)

Trust Fund - Don't Let Them Begin (Reeks of Effort)  
Thanks for taking a look/listen, I know you don't really care :) I hope you bought something (but don't worry, I know how this works).

All of Audio Antihero's 2013 releases are available to buy now on the Audio Antihero Bandcamp (+ most are on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc).

Happy New Year. Never Say DIY!
Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Audio Antihero's "DREAMER VS RAVEN" Mix


I did another of these because the people demanded it (this is the first of my lies).

Audio Antihero's "DREAMER VS RAVEN" Mix by Audio Antihero on Mixcloud

All music within moves me and I hope it moves you too.

The Josephine and Solid Space albums are sadly not widely available anymore (if they ever were) - but they are very good and worth hearing. I heard the Solid Space guy wasn't interested interested in re-issuing the album...fair enough, I suppose. Releasing records is for losers, re-releasing especially.

The Cloud and Superman Revenge Squad Band songs are taken from our illustrious catalogue and if you'd like to hear more then here's the place:

The Bordellos' new album is available now from our friends at Daddy Tank Records. Enjoy. I had a hard time picking which song to go with on this as there's a lot of really beautiful ones.

Playlounge are the nicest rock band in the world and you can hear more of their music here.

The new Mason Clinic EP is available freely here - and they're brilliant previous "Prisoners" EP is available on cassette from Bomb Shop. Highly recommended.

The Drink are a new band featuring Dan and Dave of Fighting Kites and you might like to get their great new EP - HERE.

Jetplane Landing's excellent new album is out now on Smalltown America and the guy said lots of nice things about Superman Revenge Squad Band, which was very sweet of him. The album is here.

You can probably find the rest for yourself quite easily, unless you're a buffoon. In fact, Mixcloud should provide some direct buy-links for you on the player. Woo.


P.S Tommy Dreamer is my hero.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

AAHALLOWEEN with Audio Antihero (Charity Mixtape/Playlists/Ben Parker's new play/Free Spookiness)


First things fucking first.

Wonderful charitable organisation and online music retailer Fair Share Music invited me (with some prompting) to put together a fifteen track Halloween playlist for them this year, which I did. It's called "The Last Mixtape On Earth" (a Vincent Price reference, not a Marilyn Manson reference) and you can see it HERE and if you want, you can buy the whole collection HERE. I tried to make it nice, so I hope you like it. 50% of the profit from all sales goes to a charity of your choice. Boom!

Plus stream a truncated version of it here on Rdio, to help you make up your mind:

You may also like to try out these rockin mixes I put together on Mixcloud the past few years. Very fond of them.   


Ben Parker (Superman Revenge Squad/Nosferatu D2) has a new play and it's halloween themed! You can see one of the three showings of "Malicious In Tent" in Croydon from October 30th-November 1st. His previous two plays have been very well received and generally a sell-out for each showing, so I'd recommend getting involved STAT. Facebook Info:

And if you're into Superman Revenge Squad then you can rock some Superman Revenge Squad Band here:

FREE DOWNLOAD: Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences' "Johnny"

...and finally, you can download a free and awesome spooky session version of Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences' "Johnny" ...enjoy! There's grave-robbing, cannibalism and zombies.

If you're interested in Paul Hawkins + Spooky things then you might like his new book which just came's one holiday away but his "Bad Santas..."  novel is available now from Amazon,  Jezus Factory Records and more.


Saturday, 17 August 2013



The ever elusive WARTGORE HELLSNICKER and the supposedly retired BENJAMIN SHAW are returning for a free show tomorrow night at The White Lion in Watford! MORE INFO.

Also, both Wartgore Hellsnicker's "Moderate Rock" EP and Benjamin Shaw's "I Got the Pox, the Pox is what I Got" EP are both available for £1 for a limited time - via Bandcamp.

Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide