Sunday, 3 January 2010

Download Nosferatu D2 Live supporting Los Campesinos!

Hello fellow Antiheroes, a Happy New Year to all of you!

I just thought I would share a very nice live recording of Nosferatu D2's final gig, supporting Los Campesinos! (with Sky Larkin):

It's an audience recording, so don't expect pristine sound, details will be lost, but as someone who has spent a lot of time to listening to the unlistenable, I have to say this is a really lovely 'bootleg'. I've no idea how the mystery man hero who recorded it pulled it off in such glorious fashion. Besides, it's about as complete a document of Nosferatu D2's bitter end as we're going to find - and I personally love it.

Listen out for Ben self-consciously mumbling 'we're recording an album...I've been told to say that...' - I don't think anyone knew we'd be waiting two or three years for said album to hit 'the shelves'.

Those of you who like a little visual flava can find some videos from the gig compiled on our youtube: Antihero Video (plus Benjamin Shaw's really cool serial killer themed music videos).

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE / LEAK / TWEET / ETC! (and please stop doing it to our other records, we are SKINT!)

It's fitting really that their last live performance as Nosferatu D2 (Adam & Ben Parker have occasionally been seen on stage since with Superman Revenge Squad) would be supporting Los Campesinos! - a group who've been very supportive of their posthumous reissue.

Nosferatu D2 were thanked in the sleeve notes of "Hold On Now, Youngster", Gareth told Pitchfork that Nosferatu D2's debut was his No.2 record of 2009 and he even issued the first 'call to arms' with a blog on their official site: HERE.

If you've enjoyed this live recording, then we'd be grateful if you'd head over to our shop page and considering buying: Nosferatu D2's 'We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise' for £5.99 (inc.P&P)

And why not help guarantee that 2010 is Los Campesinos!'s year by pre-ordering their new album 'ROMANCE IS DEAD' and checking their TOUR DATES?

Again, please share these files. It's a wonderful reminder of what may have been the greatest band on the planet at the time.

To quote a chap you can faintly hear under the resonance of a mind-blowing rendition of, "The Mojo Top 100", 'that was fackin' awesome! that was brilliant!' - well said my friend, well said.

Thank you all,
Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide, and a New kind of Awesome

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