Sunday, 1 August 2010

Audio Antihero's "Never Say DIY!" Radio Vol.4!

Here we go with Audio Antihero's "Never Say DIY!" Radio Vol.4!

Vaguely delayed by a sudden blast of a social life and yesterday's excellent SeeSound All-Dayer (non-reviewed HERE). Worth the wait though, yeah?

Stream below:


1. Dum Dum Girls - It Only Takes One Night (Sub Pop)
I saw them on the main stage at The 1234 Shoredtich Festival last weekend (non-reviewed HERE), bought their album and haven't really stopped listening to them since. Lovely.

2. Von Haze - Sad Girls (Hippos In Tanks)
Also seen at 1234 Shoreditch Festival (on the Rough Trade stage) were New Yawk's Von Haze, I remember hating them until I suddenly loved them. I've since bought their EP twice (on vinyl first, then I lost access to my deck and had to buy it digitally too, just to listen to it) and their Sad Girls 7' single (£1 from Pure Groove!). This is a corker.

3. Life Without Buildings - The Leanover (Tugboat)
They're very obnoxious, but there's such a wonderful flow and spontaneity to their sound. "The Leanover" is my absolute favourite from them. If I recall, I got into them from a recommendation on the Nosferatu D2 Myspace page, way back in the day. Such a shame this album is out of print.

4. Benjamin Shaw - Starlings Of The Slipstream (Filthy Little Angels)
Benjamin Shaw making worm food out my favourite Pavement song. A wonderful buzzing beast of a tribute. This is available on the free Pavement tribute album from Filthy Little Angels. Benjamin Shaw's EP & T-shirt are available to buy from the Audio Antihero webshop.

5. The Blueprint - Out Of The Black (Copro)
Impassioned hardcore/metal from Karl Middleton's (Earthtone9) supergroup. I've loved this song since I was 17 or so. Dunno if you fancy indie kids will agree though? If anyone actually listened to the 'show', I'd say it might cost me listeners!

6. Nosferatu D2 - A Man At War With Himself (Audio Antihero, sort of)
Non-LP track from our heroes in Nosferatu D2. The fact that this didn't make the album kind of shows just how good they were! You can order their album and T-shirt from the Audio Antihero webshop and you can download a live version of this from our media page where we're giving away a good quality bootleg of them supporting Los Campesinos! and Sky Larkin.

7. Isaac Hayes - Precious, Precious (Stax)
Nice bit of jazzy improv from a debuting Isaac Hayes (well, debuting as a proper solo artist, his musical history goes a lot further back), my favourite soul man . This was right before he peaked and long before he lost it completely. RIP Mr Hayes, your work at Stax will not be forgotten.

8. Tall Ships - Vessels (Big Scary Monsters)
I saw these guys opening for Danananananayroyd at The Lexington recently. They seemed darned impressive and this song was by far the best of the bunch. Days later I owned their EP and their t-shirt and "Vessels" is still a very life affirming journey of a song.

9. JJ72 - Bumble Bee (Lakota)
I don't imagine many people will thank me for this one, but I think the JJ72 *really* nailed it with this one. Beautiful and soul shaking.

10. Fear Of Pop (Featuring William Shatner) - Still In Love (Epic)
Partner piece to Fear of Pop's "In Love" (for my money, genuinely the best song ever written). A lovely way to fade out. Love you Ben Folds, love you Bill Shatner.

So, thanks again for 'tuning in' do subscribe and tell your friends. We love to rock.

Never Say DIY!
Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide

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