Sunday, 9 January 2011

Audio Antihero & Nosferatu D2 meet Tom Robinson for BBC 6Music

Hey folks,

In case you didn't hear, we're famous now. We also photograph terribly (though that Robinson is a silver fox).

For the next seven days you can stream the interview and show at:

He plays a bit of Superman Revenge Squad, some Nosferatu D2 and even some upcoming Jack Hayter glory.

Tom and everyone were genuinely lovely and accommodating. Though their tea machine broke before I got my turn.

Give it a listen, if you find the time. I really liked the songs from The Answering Machine (an unjustifiably neglected album in my collection) and Jon Dots (though I was scoffed at for favourably comparing to the Tom Jones & Chicane song).

Happy New Year everyone,
Jamie - Audio Antihero

P.S I typically undersold Benjamin "Best on the motherfucking planet" Shaw - listen to him here:

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