Saturday, 7 May 2011

Goodbye Matt Showman

This week I invited Vanessa Deroo, a wonderful friend of mine and Audio Antihero, to compile a personal mix in tribute to Matt Showman of Yr Letter Records, who tragically lost his battle with cancer on the 29th of April. He was a good friend to her and seemed like a classy kind of guy to me. Rest Peacefully, Sir.

Ok, I'm not sure how to write this, so here are some little facts for you.
Matt Showman was the giant guy behind Yr Letter Rds. He loved Far, Pearl Jam, Franck Turner and eating falafels.

He introduced me to Quicksand and Bob Mould 's works. He had a soft spot
for Katy Perry. He believed Avril Lavigne was better than Hayley Williams
(I disagreed).

He was the best guy around when you needed some comfort or some jokes about
french TV guys. He was really funny. We tried JD & Cranberry once, and it
tasted good.

He was passionnate. He had some amazing stories to tell. He was the co-host
for the radio show 'Joining The Circus'. He was really tall, which was
pretty funny when I hugged him to say Hi.

He promised me a vegetarian lasagna recipe. He liked Ace Of Base. He was the
strongest. He was my friend.

Matt left on friday morning. The last of his battles.

I have these songs in my mind. It may not be his favorites ever, but they
mean something to our friendship. This is how I want to remember him. This is how I want you to know him.

I'm going to turn up the volume now. I hope you can hear this from where you
are, Mr Showman.* "When I hold sea shells to my ears, I'm pretty sure I can
hear you."*

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  1. goodbye, Matt. No one will ever forget you.

    And the text is absolutely beautiful.