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Look At Me, I Own Records! #8 - Kathleen Elise (WVUM Radio)


I present the first piece of solid evidence that chicks dig us.

This installment of "Look At Me, I Own Records!" comes from our number 1 Pre-Raphaelite, Kathleen Elise of Miami's WVUM Radio. She recently interviewed me for her show, which will broadcast sometime soon. I cannot believe some of the things I said...Pitchfork are going to send their hit squad after me (and I'll probably just be happy for the attention). There's also going to be exclusive sessions from the hypochondriac-tic Broken Shoulder (new split EP in September with Fighting Kites) and the mischievous and expensive Benjamin Shaw (new album in November, I've even hired PR for it).

Coolest find? The Max Levine Ensemble/The Spirit Animals 7”

When I was a kid (a younger kid), Max Levine represented everything about punk to me. I learned of them from my cousin, who worked at an infoshop in D.C., and I was soon obsessed with their music and their mantra. Unfortunately, the one time they came down to Miami I was not allowed to go see them because the venue had a bad reputation. Bummer. At any rate, I stumbled upon this split at my local record shop and the 13-year-old in me about died.

Cover with most back hair? Seven Songs, by Fabulous Diamonds

This one easily goes to Seven Songs, one of two records I own by Fabulous Diamonds. I work at a radio station and intended to play the albums on my show, but it never ended up happening – likely because the most interesting thing about this record is its cover. Eugh.

Most valuable? Inside In/Inside Out Live at Abbey Road, by The Kooks, Good News for People Who Love Bad News, by Modest Mouse

My parents tried to buy my love by getting me these two albums for Christmas. It worked. Each album is categorically unattainable in the U.S. They are the envy of my friends and foes alike, and oh, how I cherish them.

Most nerdy? Romeo and Juliet Original Soundtrack Recording

I’m an English major and a book hound and an all around SNOOT, so it should surprise no one that I enjoy my fair share of Shakespeare. One of the better film versions of Romeo and Juliet is the 1968 film produced by Franco Zeffirelli (which I own on VHS courtesy of Ebay). I bought this soundtrack just for the arrangement of “What is a Youth” – and maybe partly for all the pictures of Leonard Whiting.

Best album I inherited? Everything’s Archie, by The Archies

My momma always said she’s responsible for my love of music and books. The music bit comes from her relentless blasting of musicals and The Archies throughout my childhood. She’s since passed on her Archies records to me, and for my part I’ve amassed a good number of musicals on vinyl. Thanks, mami!

Hardest to find? The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, by David Bowie

I don’t believe this record is particularly rare, but for some reason I had to travel to three states before I finally found a copy. It was worth it, though, as this album is by far my favorite of the three Bowies I own.

Album I hope to never have to listen to?

(Editor's note: Seriously, man. Kathleen was called on this gross error of judgement INSTANTANEOUSLY. Tad are brilliant. Everyone knows that. 'I'M A JINX! I'M A JINX!')

As I said earlier, I work at a radio station. We get sent A LOT of terrible, terrible, terrible music, most of it in the form of .mp3s or CDs. One of the only vinyls we still have is the one you’re looking at, TAD, by 8-Way Santa – or maybe it’s 8-Way Santa, by TAD. I don’t know. I can only be sure that 1) I do not want to know what an 8-way Santa is, and 2) I’m grateful I will probably never have to listen to whatever music that mustachioed man is offering.

So that's what our fair lady offered us. If you live in a civilised time zone then you should naturally tune into her show. For me it's on at like 4am or something grotesque...and some of us HAVE JOBS TO GO TO (woefully).

Anyway, catch up on the previous installments in this series (I did one, once) here - LOOK AT ME, I OWN RECORDS! If you want to contribute then e-mail me (it doesn't matter if you're a massive nobody).

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