Friday, 29 April 2011

Look At Me, I Own Records! #5 - Nothing At All

BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Part #5 in the now legendary "Look At Me, I Own Records!" series comes from ex-Nothing At All big wig Rich.

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I'm not too sure why I offered to do one of these things for this here blog. Was probably a bad idea and probably decided upon whilst having had one or too drinks. Hell if you ever read any of my ramblings on the now defunct you are already reading some other blog post and pretending you had never seen this one...Still, here we are then, I have no idea what sort of things I should be showing you on this, and after quite some time (all of about 7 minutes in reality) I came up with the below. Apologies for the soddy photos, I have shakey hands today it seems...

Songs Of Green Pheasant - s/t

I grew up surrounded by folk music because of my Dad, so naturally I did the rebellion thing and couldnt listen to any of the damn stuff for a veryVERY long time. Then this thing hit, kitchen recorded with a shitload of reverb,l think Flying Saucer Attack in the middle ages and you're there. The artwork however did it for me in the end. I even got in touch with Mikal Dyas and he made me a print of the art. It's awesome. So is the art. So there.

Mank - Ambergris

Which brings me onto this, Mikal also designed the art and packaging for this, the only 'true' release nothingatall ever did, it flopped due to life getting in the way and turning upside down... still... its ace and pretty special to me. Want a copy? Go speak to Manky Ben here

A Silver Mt Zion - Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upwards

I could have picked ANY Constellation release here, they are all sublime in every way, right from the packagaing to the sound. But this one is kinda special to me, I picked this up on my first trip to London Village on my own where I saw the band 2 nights in a row, the first one I collapsed right infront of Mogwai's Stuart Braithwait due to being crap at looking after myself and he just ignored me the bastard... skip to the end and this is the result. 2 slaps of 10" genius in all its glory with a customisation from Efrim Menuck. Everyone should hear this album.

Vic Chesnutt - North Star Deserter

Okay, had to get another Constellation release in, this one again was bought in London. It is also in it's own way one of the most important records I own, just how something can sound *this* good is beyond me, I also cried when Vic passed away on Christmas day a few years ago. Manly eh?

Múm - Loksins Erum Við Engin

Limited Icelandic only version of M˙m's musical peak, exactly the same as the regular version BUT the lyrics are all in Icelandic rather than English... and y'know what, the album is far superior for it.

Low - California (test pressing)
Low - Murderer

I love Low, picked up their new one the other day too to... Anyway, yes I love Low No idea how the test pressing appeared, and it's certainly not Low's best material but hell it's perfect for bragging right?
Did I say I loved low? Yeah I love Low, a lot. Murder is one of their harder to find releases, limited to something silly too I think. But the main point I tracked this down is for the song... it kicks seven shades of shit out of the Drums & Guns version... one fo the last song's Zac Sally played on too... Utterly beautiful and crippling stuff.

The Sunshine Republic/Flatlands - Split

I picked this up in my hometown of Rhyl years ago at the weekly band night that went on every WEdnesday and always ended up with me walking home at 3am with more hearing damage due to the awful soundsystem and volume the place had. The evening I got this, The Sunshine Republic pretty much dod 30mins of doom laden noise with vocals through a Big Muff and a load of cymbals on the floor... fair to say it cleared the bar out. S
o I bought this for a few quid, Why's it in a Haircut 500 sleve? Because they were too cheap to get sleves printed, aparrently they raided a charity shop and drew genitals on the remnants of the 20p bargains. Can't remember what it sounds like, probably dodgy as hell...

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't entirely approve of this as when I was a wee boy I lived next to a member of Haircut 100's family and they were all lovely).

Polmo Polpo/Cog/Dot Wiggin

Okay some mroe Constellation related bits, this three are uber limited (100-300 of each I think), picked them up back in 2004 from Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo) during the Constellation Roadshow which Polmo Polpo was playing, and of course I missed due to the last train home being at something ridiculous like 10pm. Anyway, I just like em, music isn't half bad too... glitch submersed crackly loopy drone ambient stuff.

Sigur Rós & Steindór Andersen - RÌmur

I like Iceland a lot too, I liked Sigur RÛs a lot too, then the released Takk... and I wanted to like it, but it was crap. Still, they have a place in my cold dead heart somewhere and this is one of those weird tour only CDRs (not the American silver CD version either friends (+20 bragging points). 6 tracks of Icelandic chanting courtesy of SteindÛr Andersen with 3 of them featuring JonsÌ and the boys adding some brillianty suitable/subtle music along the way. Jazzy? Oh yes :)

And that's more than enough from me. Told you it would be pretty bad didn't I? And I'm sure I should have included some of the dodgy bits too, oh and the Pulp love, not to mention the Radiohead and the Hefner (EDITOR'S NOTE: always include Hefner, it allows me to plug the Jack Hayter EP)... Ugh... Yeah... Oh and if you are really *that* interested:

Right I'm going to go and stroke the Thom Yorke+Burial+Four Tet 12" I got in the post yesterday...

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