Thursday, 26 January 2012

WATCH: Benjamin Shaw - TLOBF Session

Our man Benjamin Shaw performed 'How To Test The Depth Of A Well' on a park bench for The Line Of Best Fit, you see him in moderate action here:

TLOBF were pretty consistently nice about Benjamin Shaw's debut LP "There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet" giving him 'Song of the Day', a gorgeous review and exclusively previewing the album in full with a fancy stream. They even liked the EP. I love TLOBF.

'How To Test The Depth Of A Well' is taken from "There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet" which can be bought from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Rough Trade and beyond. Please buy it.

Those liking this simpler sound from Benjamin Shaw might like to try this free download of a session he recorded for WVUM Radio in Miami last year, it's his Easy Listening EP and is also utterly stunning.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

LOOK AT ME, I OWN RECORDS! #11 - Vanessa Deroo

Vanessa/Vee/Frenchy/RooRoo is one of the best friends I've ever had, a better person than me, a former writer for The 405, a DJ and also a French woman.

"Look At Me, I Own Records!" is back for 2012. Thank you Vee.

Look at me! I own records – a story

Hello kids. In these troubled times, I should insert a joke like ‘I’m so old I own actual records and not only mp3’s’ but 1/ I am lazy, 2/ I am French, meaning, not really funny when I want to be. So let’s get straight to the point.

I am really proud of my records collection (yes, Jamie, EVEN of my pop/emo stuff), here’s a glimpse, enjoy.

The “hello, you’ve changed my life” record

The Smashing Pumpkins – Adore

There are so many things related to this album. Deaths, break-ups, coming back home from parties at 5 am on summer 2005, tears, smiles and other things. The soundtrack of my life. I bought it in 2000, then lost it, then bought it again last year. Adventures. No matter how Billy disappoints me now, I wouldn’t be the same person without this album.

The “most recent purchase” records

La Dispute – Wildlife & Sugartown Cabaret – Beyond Foams EP

I went to see La Dispute last night, and bought their 2nd album at the merch table, because I’m a nice girl. I love post-hardcore, and this record is really, really good.

Sugartown Cabaret were supporting. They’re French, so I wasn’t supposed to like them, but truth is they blew me away last night. So tense and powerful. Their EP is worth listening to. You should check them out.

The "Pretty Awesome Gift" record
Matador records – Matador at 21

Last year, I celebrated a quarter of century on this earth– I know. My friend Tony gave me this AWESOME/AMAZING/WHOA box containing seven cds from 1989 to 2010, featuring lovely people such as Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, Pavement, Ted Leo, Kurt Vile, Unsane and many, many more. Also, POKER COINS. Such a beautiful object. Thank you Tony! (My friends rule)

The "Teenage Years" record

Madinkà – Love Concept

Remember when I said I was proud ? Forget it. And now, imagine the 17-year-old me, so obsessed with The Cure, The Pumpkins, Depeche Mode and all. I was following a French band at the time, Indochine, who were basically said bands copycats. This band took Madinkà on tour with them. Madinkà were basically Indochine copycats. I was hooked. I wasn’t iving in Paris at the time so I spent an entire day trying to find their records in the city. This self-released album is not bad. Just, the voice and lyrics are terrible. Still, it’s fun to listen to them. You know, when you’re with friends. Drunk.

The “I should be ashamed but I am not” records

Britney Spears – My Prerogative, Greatest Hits & Paramore – The Final Riot

Guys, I couldn’t choose. I am a pop-freak. There I said it! And what can I say? Britney has some huge tunes, classics even (don’t tell me you never danced on Toxic, I wouldn’t believe you. I used to play it during DJ-sets, and all of you hipsters had your feet on fire, you little liars).

As for Paramore, pop-punk is good, female voices are good, it’s energetic and funny, I don’t ask for more .

The “Riot-grrrl’ record

Bikini Kill – The CD version of the first two records

I won’t lie, when I was a teenager, Hole = riot-grrrls. Then I grew up, and felt really inspired by Kathleen Hanna and Tobi Vail. We need more people like them in our world. End of.

The “support your local scene” record

King Of Conspiracy – Noisy Sounds and Heartbeats

These are my friends and this was their first release ever. Self-released in their bedroom, this first album is punk, nervous and fast. And good, by the way. They’ve gone a little bit more ‘noise’ since, but the evolution makes sense. I still love to tease them by requesting ‘Set It Off’, though.

The ‘Feel Good’ record

Jonah Matranga – And

Jonah is a friend of a friend, that’s how I first heard about him (before realising he was the same Jonah as the one in the band Far, yes, I AM SLOW.) “And” is an album released via Yr Letter rds in France, and every time I play this record I feel optimistic and serene about how I am and about the future. Maybe it’s because of the lyrics, or because of Jonah’s voice. Either way, it makes me happy. Thank you Jonah!

The “hello, apparently I’m rare” record

My Bloody Valentine – Tremolo

MBV are one of my top 5 bands. I was wandering in a second-hand records shop when I stumbled across this EP. I couldn’t pay for it, so my friend Sophie did it for me. She’s aces. Anyway, this EP contains To Here Knows When and Swallow, along with two non-album tracks and all is linked by weird instrumentals. Kevin Shields is a genius. I heard this EP was quite rare. Maybe it’s not, but don’t ruin my column, okay? Okay.

The “Look! I own vinyls too!” ...vinyl.

Chokebore – Anything Near Water

My friends rule, new edition. I’ve been spoilt for my 25th birthday, that’s for sure! Gift from my friend James. I love Chokebore with a passion; it’s another band that means a lot in my life. Troy’s voice and lyrics touch me deep inside. I am so glad they reformed (they also released new music, you should listen to them). This album contains one of my favourite song ever, Thin as Clouds. “but all the people out here have drowned all hearts and drowned all hands they're half way out and they're half way down that leaves them...needing”

Stay safe, kids. x

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The next installment will be from Nosferatu D2's Ben Parker.

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