Monday, 10 September 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD: Nosferatu D2 - Live At The Spitz

Today we are very glad to present you fine folks with a free remastered 're-issue' of Nosferatu D2 "Live At The Spitz". Grab it below, it's pretty good.

On March 5th, 2007, Nosferatu D2 stepped on stage for the final  time as the opener for Los Campesinos! and Sky Larkin. We didn't know it was to be their final show (and neither did they), but by luck someone was there to capture it on tape in DIY fashion. 

Nosferatu D2's debut LP was released by Audio Antihero in 2009. Though it has been long since their dissolution, "We're Gonna Walk Around This City with Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise" has continued to pick up fans and acclaim, even becoming a story for a couple of BBC radio features. The enduring response this album has enjoyed is something we could never have seen coming despite all our faith in their music. 

Though not a professionally recorded release, these songs have been remastered by Audio Antihero artist Benjamin Shaw, who has brought the mix to life. Most of us never got the chance to see the duo live and now never will; with that in mind, the missed notes, awkward crowd response and crackling audio are just footnotes in this welcome document of their last stand.

There's been a couple of nice reviews in from the Clicky Clicky and Hospital Drama blogs. Their long-running support is very much appreciated.

Thanks & Never Say DIY!
Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide